You can order your takeaway by ringing, 20 86 47 84

Der kan forekomme ændringer i menuer, priser og andet

Something to start

Totopos Guacamole 68,-
Hand cut, crisp fried corn tortilla chips served with freshly made guacamole

Totopos Salsa 62,-
Hand cut, crisp fried corn tortilla chips served with salsa

Empanada 84,-
with cheese and caramelized onions  

Street food

2 flour or corn tortillas, filled, with cheese folded and grilled, served with crema, salsa and onions

Roasted and grilled vegetables 132,-

Portobello mushrooms, mild chili 132,-

Chicken with tomato and smoked chili 142,-

Beef, slow cooked with chocolate 142,-

2 hand-pressed soft corn tortillas, grilled and filled with frijoles and salsa

Roasted and grilled vegetables, coleslaw, cheese 132,-

Portobello mushrooms, mild chili, onions, radish, cheese  132,-

Slow cooked pork, red onions, radish 142,-

Chicken with tomato and smoked chili, cheese 142,-  

Side dishes

Pico de gallo 48,-
Fresh salsa with tomato, coriander and habanero 

Guacamole 58,-
Freshly made to order

Sweet potato fries 48,-
with chipotle dip

Mixed salad 68,-
With sweet chili dressing